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You will be so happy using my services that no payment is due until after your company receives its money. There are neither advanced nor up-front fees with Bob."


Professional Money Finder

» Will identify "All" your company's unclaimed funds.

» Help you and your staff with the forms and the claim process.

» Turn any government "red tape" into green for your company!

» Deal with the best, let's get started now!

Getting the government to say YES!

Don’t let the government keep your unclaimed funds. Back in the late 1990s, the Federal Government placed many financial institutions into receivership, and would not disclose the names of those who had unclaimed funds citing privacy concerns. After 2-1/2 years of litigation commenced by me, the claimant’s names were released.

Don’t let your staff waste research time and deal with intricacies of the formal claiming process. With my twenty-six (26) years of experience I will assist you in navigating a myriad of roadblocks so that you receive your company’s unclaimed funds.

Other Services
Hate to escheat large sums of monies? Let Bob locate the claimants at no cost to your company! (The claimant pays the fee.)

Will perform public records searches upon request.

Robert Lepelletier, Jr.

Why Use Bob?
Bob will identify all your company’s unclaimed funds — Federal and otherwise. Please note that only a fraction of all unclaimed funds are publicly searchable.
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